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How will they pay for all of this?

  • Capital gains taxes as high as 43.4%*

  • Ordinary income taxes as high as 43.4%*

  • FICA payroll taxes increasing to 12.4%*

  • Corporate tax rate increases to 28%***

  • Estate taxes as high as 45%**

  • Itemized deductions limited to 28% of their value****

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Are your clients prepared? 

The tax clock is already ticking! Learn 4 tax strategies for 2021 that your clients can implement
NOW to avoid the impact of any potential tax rate changes on their retirement income.

You don’t need to go it alone when

talking taxation with your clients. 

TruChoice Financial not only can provide case consultation and education, but we have marketing material to help you educate your clients about the risks associated with taxation.  Schedule a 30-minute strategy session with TruChoice’s Alan Roman, JD, LLM, ChFC, CLU to start building a tax strategy for your clients.

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